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Up & Running with Play 2
Last night, Gilt hosted the second Play NYC meetup, after nearly a year since the first. This meetup was dedicated to introducing people to the Play Framework.
I gave a presentation that briefly touched on the reasons why Gilt chose the Play Framework for some of its recent projects and then jumped right into code. Over the course of the talk, I walked through constructing a Play app with Scala connecting to Gilt’s API. Starting with some functional tests, we covered:
Play Actions,
making a request to a web service,
Play’s configuration
Futures and asynchronous behavior,
unmarshaling JSON,
Play’s templating language,
compiling Assets,
And finally, and most importantly, deploying our application to production (with Heroku). Along the way we touched on some tenets of functional programming1 and Scala’s powerful for comprehensions. We covered a lot of ground and in the end only ended up with one route: listing active sales by store.
The slides for the talk are available on SpeakerDeck, the application built is currently running in production, and the application code is available on GitHub for anyone to fork and experiment on.
I had a blast. Our next meetup isn’t scheduled yet, but we definitely won’t allow such a long delay between meetups again. Join the group to be the first to hear about upcoming events. Thank you to everybody who came out. I am looking forward to the next one.
— Mark

“What’s a monad?” ↩


As an engineer living in San Francisco for almost three years, I have been immersed in the tech culture of the Bay area, a sweet spot for start ups, tech companies and an entrepreneurial spirit. The personal and professional experiences I have acquired here have made me grow as a person and as an engineer. Now I’m keeping the same motivations in New York City.


Why tumblr

When planning my next move, it was clear to me that I wanted to join a start up. Having worked at big companies for most of my career, I am now looking to join a smaller company where I have a direct impact on the product and actively participate in the decision making.

And not just any start up! I heard about tumblr in its early days when reading the blog of Martin Varsavsky, one of tumblr’s angel investors who I am a fan of. Since then, I have been keeping up with tumblr and following its progression. I admire tumblr as a simple yet powerful product and I feel identified with the company’s values and culture.



Curiosity is one of my biggest strengths, both as a person and an engineer. As my resume shows, I am always eager to learn about new technologies - I have experience in Java, .Net, PHP and Grails. I would welcome the opportunity to apply my current expertise and knowledge while also learning about new tools and technologies. 

In my current job, performance in production is very important for every project, and makes us always think about the best solutions for the problems, sometimes using data structures and algorithms to deal with big amounts of data. After reading the description of the jobs I am applying for (Platform - Engineer), it looks like projects in tumblr are similar in performance tuning and volume, so I would really enjoy working on them.


Engineer and Creative

I am a Software Engineer with a back-end background but also consider myself a very creative person. This is the reason why I have gravitated towards creative companies, and  why I think I would be a solid match for a position at tumblr.



My other passion along with technology is writing. I read a lot and write things in my spare time. I recently wrote a children’s book that is available on Amazon. I would be highly motivated by working in a product related to blogging and sharing inspiring ideas.